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Awaiting Moderation 07/02/2010

Posted by TBoehm30 in Success.
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Seriously?  My comment is Awaiting Moderation? 

 Here I am, on an interesting blog commenting about the drudgery of life with a little comedy thrown in and my comment is Awaiting Moderation?  You can’t put it out there immediately, but must review at it first?  What are you looking for?  Are you worried that someone will bad mouth you – more than your own self deprecation?  [You know you can always remove it or edit the comments at any time?]

 I have noticed lately that many blogs set their comments up to post only after being moderated.  Why?  If you are an individual with a reasonably small audience, then any comment would simply be a refreshing notification that you are not writing for the void, but people are actually reading what you wrote.  Not only that, but someone cared enough to write back.  On my blog that is the biggest compliment I could get and I want to share that with the world right away. 

 I dutifully check my blog every few hours to see if anyone cares.  My comments go to my email, so I know pretty quickly if there is new text on the blog; I don’t need to actually check the blog for comments.  If I did, what if I went on vacation?  What if I didn’t check the blog for a couple of days?  That comment would be old by the time it was published.  This is the internet, a tool of immediacy, of no delay.

 If you are a website with a large audience, then what’s the risk?  People are already going to the website.  You are presumably making a few bucks with the advertising.  Do you think one comment, or a few comments, will slip by your editing staff and drive away viewers?  Worried about inappropriate words or ideas?  That’s the beauty of the internet and its ability to gather in the wisdom of the crowd.  You will probably be notified rather quickly when something inappropriate is on your site.

 Are you worried about spam?  Thanks to WordPress and their partnership with Akismet, we don’t have to worry about spam.  Almost every day, I have to delete the crud that is in the spam folder of my comments.  Thankfully, those don’t get forwarded to my email, so I can look at them at a time of my choosing.  I have only allowed 3 comments to be promoted from spam to published in my year and a half of blogging.  I have confidence that spam is not a problem.

 I try to leave a thoughtful comment on interesting websites that I visit; especially those that probably have a small audience.  I try to add to the conversation on the bigger sites.  It lets the world know I am there, and maybe someone else will think my words are interesting.  I’d like to think that my writing is published as-is.  I hope that people don’t take a comment and edit it to sound better, or remove the negative thoughts.

 At least once, I have thought that my comments were edited.  I am pretty sure that when I reviewed a comment, that it was shorter than when I originally submitted it.  (WordPress has a cool feature to review your comments and see what other people have commented on the same blog.)  I think that editing someone’s words is one of the lowest blog crimes you can commit.  I certainly won’t be making more comments on that website; and probably won’t be reading anything there either.

 I have also seen the good site that allows all of their comments, even the negative ones, to be published.  The funny thing is that many of the negative comments are blasted by their fellow commenters.  If the comment is petty, or too critical, people will respond against that negativity.  That is some of the best response of all.  What could be better than John Q. Public defending your product on the internet?

 If you are a marketer (and all you bloggers are marketers whether you know it or not) and you are using the web to reach out to customers, then make a choice.  If you allow comments, then use a hands-off approach.  Allow the comments to be unfiltered.  Try to react quickly to inappropriate language, but let the nay-sayers have their say.  You might be surprised at how well that works.