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Hello, my name is Todd Boehm. I created the blog World Class Tech to talk about my experiences working with technology at various companies. Lately, I have been working on ERP projects and software selection.

Many of the articles are about the implementation of an ERP system. I successfully implemented X3 for a large manufacturing comnpany; and then worked with other companies on their projects.
Previously, I helped Philips Medical Systems roll out their CRM package to offices around the world – thus “World Class”. I changed their database from a U.S. focused system only in English to a Unicode version ready for all languages in many countries.

Since 1997, my role has been a consultant – helping companies perform better, fix their technology problems, improve their systems, or just analyze problems. I spent numerous years with Philips Medical Systems, at their call center.


I started my career in the Medical Billing arena, supporting a system written in PICK.  For those who don’t know what PICK is, it is a programming language, an operating system, and a database – all in one.  It was fantastic for using in applications, but it didn’t talk to anything else.  While the companies that use PICK only had a small set of experts to draw from, I had to move on to something bigger.


I started my consulting career working for Coopers & Lybrand.  They needed someone to analyze a CoBOL system to defend against a government suit.  Their medical billing practices were less than stellar.  We gave them numerous suggestions on how to get in line with common practices.  In 1997, I ran an entire billing operation on a 1Gb Jazz drive on my laptop.


At Tatum, a part of Randstad, I was in the Technology Consulting Practice for the Southeast.  We have a very smart team that understands how technology needs to be used in business.  Our people are experienced, having worked with numerous businesses before coming to Tatum.  They hit the ground running on new projects, and create the velocity to get the job done quickly.

Today, I am part of Kerr Consulting, focusing on Sage X3.  I help companies to implement and support their ERP system.

Remember – It’s a global world out there, and technology makes it happen.


1. milansaha - 03/05/2009

Nice blog.
Thats nice to knw abt PICK too.

2. annej27 - 03/16/2009

Just finished reading “Big Bang or Phased Approach.” Quite enjoyable, hearing the thoughts from your side of the project.

Question, will you be writing more on the ERP implementation? If so, would you be interested in having it showcased in our monthly newsletter? This would be free exposure for you and direct folks to your blog.

Let me know if you are interested and we can talk more about it: janderson@imninc.com

3. salesenablement - 08/07/2009

Hi Todd

Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I would go further than “… even if it is just from their own team” and say that the data/information/knowledge what ever you want to look at, that lies within their own team, is the most crucial source to tap into. How to motivate sales people to be willing to share and to take the time to share is an interesting topic and I would think that a combination of positive rewards like peer recognition, exposure, awards and financial incentives should be the way as opposed to negative things like punishments for those who don’t do it. Looks like I agree with you that they should earn more when sharing more or lets say when what they shared makes others sell more. However, on the other hand I like the simple yet rigid statement from the blog post above: They should not be tracked, measured or accounted for against anything other than quota.


4. Nancy Arter - 05/13/2010

Hi Todd,
Great blog. I’ve added you to my blogroll so I hope you’ll benefit from my readers, too. Here’s my blog: http://www.conexis.wordpress.com. I’ve subscribed as well so will visit often. Best of luck to you in all of your endeavors. : ) Nancy

5. Brandon - 09/20/2010

Hi Todd,

I was doing research on the lifecycle of solutions that would be offered by someone like IBM. I understand ERP solutions and other complex solutions are labor intensive to implement but I am not sure how labor intensive they are to provide technical support. In your experience, have you seen a lot of increased automation in supporting the solutions as they go from new solution with a few pilot customers to large scale offerings? Or do the IBMs and HPs of the world automate as much as possible before the initial rollout?

tboehm30 - 09/20/2010

Brandon: In my experience, an outside firm can never do as good a job in support as the inside guys. So firms like HP and IBM that solve problems with automation can fix many of the standard problems. When I was with Philips, we had the ability to add programs into the automatic login script that had to be run every day. This helped us automatically fix many problems. We also had sophisticated monitoring systems that would page us when something went wrong; this was developed in-house and paged the internal staff to fix.

At smaller companieswhere theycan’t afford big-priced consultants, the support staff is very manual. They don’t have the time or manpower to develop the automation.

However, most real support problems are out of the ordinary. They require someone with specialized knowledge to look at a problem in detail and figure out the combination of errors that is giving the user grief. That is why companies buying ERP need their own support staff, even if it is just people ‘borrowed’ from each department. The consultants don’t fully understand the problems because they are not there all the time. They may not be familiar with all the different programs that a user has on their desktop. They may not understand the customizations made to the ERP application and database.

Automation is useful, and has its place, but in the end a good support person who understands the full workings of the software at a company is going to be much more valuable.

Thanks for stopping by.

6. Andy - 11/23/2010

Hello Todd,

I saw you posted a question about NetSuite’s manufacturing capabilities in an Inc. article: http://technology.inc.com/software/articles/201010/tech_talk_saldarini.html.

If you would like to learn more, please give us a call at (650)627-1000 ask for the PR team and we can schedule a time to introduce NetSuite and our customers’ success to you.


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