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ERP Planning – A good meeting 03/25/2009

Posted by TBoehm30 in ERP.
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What order and what modules should we implement first so as to phase in the new system?

ERP implementation planning is still going on. We are still trying to figure out that all important question of how to phase in the ERP system. We still need to agree on our approach to implementation.

The Company needs accounting and manufacturing, that much is known. There are 4 business units, that don’t share data but need to. Our basic idea is to split accounting and manufacturing. We’ll implement accounting first, and when that is complete for the 4 business unites, we’ll come back to manufacturing.

We had a really good meeting today. In this meeting we basically agreed on that approach. Hooray.

The first hurdle was defining what constitutes accounting. It could have just been the General Ledger (GL), but that would not have done much for the Company. We also included Purchasing, Payables, and in some cases Sales Orders, and Shipping. This means that we’ll have to have some inventory functionality as well.

Having inventory means that if the business unit has a manufacturing system (not all do), then we will need an interface. Interfaces make the project more complex. We have 2 different vendors to deal with in making the systems talk to each other. Ok – we can schedule that in the plan, and go manual if we have to.

It also turns out that 1 of the business units already has an integrated manufacturing and accounting package. They were not able to easily split the 2 functions since they are joined so well today. We decided to implement that business unit as a big bang – both accounting and manufacturing. They will be the last accounting system to go-live, and the first manufacturing system.

Yes, it was a good meeting. Decisions were made. I like it when decisions are made.



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2. Volanthen - 03/26/2009

I am of opinion that Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and dedicated accounting software programs are not necessarily the same applications.

An ERP package can support an ambitious range of financial management tasks.

Accounting software can provide data management for accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, credit card processing, inventory management, payroll and other tasks.

Maybe these points might help you in future. Visit http://erp.com for more information.

3. tboehm30 - 03/26/2009

Thanks for the comment. We have looked at Tier 1 and many Tier 2 ERP products. Many of them contain the accounting software you mention. All of them have integration points with the systems lacking such as credit card processing.

The ERP system I am currently working with contains all of the financial functions needed by the company.

4. Sheffield - 01/01/2010

I agree the worst problem is when there are already systems in place that need seperating, it’s a much harder process then.

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