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PMO Announcement Still Not Sent 03/04/2009

Posted by TBoehm30 in PMO.
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My background is mostly tech. I have a tendency to solve problems quickly and efficiently. I get frustrated when I have to wait on people. This is particularly annoying since I know that the executives say they are behind this project and need it to succeed.

A Little Background: I have setup a Project Management Office (PMO) at a company that is about to implement a new ERP system. The C-Level executives wanted the PMO to guide the project. Once I got the group together and went over our mission, vision, goals, charter, etc. we decided to encourage an announcement on the formation of the PMO from the executives (who are not formally on the committee, but are the project sponsors).

As a group we wrote up a short announcement that was 4 paragraphs taking up about 3/4 of a page. The CFO said that it was too long and implied too much power to the PMO. The IT director and I re-wrote the announcement to make it short, about 5 sentences, and watered down the decision making powers. We wrote that the committee would work with the executives to get this important project done.

The problem: It has been a couple of weeks, but the announcement still hasn’t been sent out. How do I remind a CFO, that the number one reason that ERP projects fail is a lack of executive support?

I gave the new announcement text to him on Monday of last week. It took a week to find out that he didn’t like it. I stopped by his office every hour, to talk to him about it, until he promised to meet with me the next day. That would have been Tuesday, but his door was shut all day.

Our PMO meetings are held on Tuesdays so I found out that he talked to the IT Director, to have him handle this announcement. Unfortunately for the CFO, the IT Director has the same questions as I do: What is wrong with the first 2 versions, and how can we fix it?

Another week is going by and we have no chance for this announcement until next week. My frustration is starting to display itself, and I have to work to keep it in check. I don’t want to treat people like children and tell them to do what they know needs to be done.

In the meantime, I’ve tried to Google information on announcing a PMO. There isn’t much there. You can “Socialize” the idea, you can find actual announcements, even a few books talk briefly about the importance of announcing the PMO. But, there are no good “Here’s how to do it” articles. If you found this Blog looking for How To Do It, then I have this to say: “Good Luck!”.

While I’m waiting, I can comfort myself with the thought that It’s a global world out there and Technology makes it happen.


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