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PMO Announcement continued 02/21/2009

Posted by TBoehm30 in ERP.
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The original announcement was 3 paragraphs. It was pretty simple, but detailed in the explanations of what we are doing. The PMO group decided to add a paragraph explaining what ERP is all about. After considerable word-smithing, I sent it on to the CFO.

I suggested he send it from the CEO and himself to the leaders of the company so they could pass it on to their people. Nope – it’s too long.

Don’t the executives read anymore? Are they so busy that the details can’t make it into their head? I would think that leaders want to know what is going on in their company. If someone spent the time writing me an email explaining what is happening, I would want to read it.

No, we better not take that chance. We can only let the leaders know what is absolutely necessary for them to have. If that is the culture of the company, then I better follow their lead. I can’t change things overnight.

So, here I am changing 4 paragraphs (about 3/4 of a page) into 5-6 sentences. I have to make it simple enough to assure that it is read in full.

My objectives haven’t changed (Read previous entry). I still need to prevent the politics from people left out of the group; I also need to create the authority to make the decisions for the new ERP project. Only now I’ve got 5-6 sentences to do it. Wish me luck.



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