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PMO Announcement 02/18/2009

Posted by TBoehm30 in ERP, PMO.
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Who knew that announcing a PMO would be so difficult?

After our first PMO meeting (Project Management Office), I knew that we needed to have an official announcement. The PMO was only known by those people already in it, but they would have to make decisions for the company. They needed to be officially announced so that they would have the authority to make those difficult decisions. I had to work with the high level executives to get the announcement out.

Of course, he asked me to make a draft first so he could easily just send it out. I wanted to just write something along the lines of ‘Congrats – we’re forming a PMO.’ But alas, that was not to be the case. There were other messages that needed to be included so as to reduce the political fallout.

The biggest issue was that there were people who were conspicuously left out of the group. It’s not that these people were not good enough; it’s just that the PMO needs to be a small group of people that can work well together. You need representatives from all affected parties, but only one person can represent that faction.

Some people are politically not going to be allowed to participate. They may have upset someone high up, or their reputation has been spoiled for someone up the ladder. They may not work well with someone who must be in the group. Someone may not have confidence in their abilities, even though they have shown great skills up until this point. For whatever reason, they were going to be disappointed in not being included. I needed to alleviate that pressure with something in the announcement.

I settled on a ‘Thank-you’ to the members of the software selection committee. They had done a lot of work so far, and would continue to be important in the process. See? They are still important. I have no idea who was not included on that committee; I guess those people are just out of luck.

Will this announcement work? Will it suggest how great it is that we are on this path toward a new ERP system? Will it give the right amount of authority to its members? Will it totally destroy the people who are not in it, but wanted to be? I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

Luckily, I am part of a great team. I have sent off my first draft to be reviewed before sending it back to the executives. Hopefully they can catch any problems before actually sending it out. This is just the first step on a long journey toward the new ERP system that I will help to get implemented.

Remember, it’s a global world out there, and technology makes it happen.



1. Silviu - 02/18/2009


Interesting view, looks like you are just getting started. Good luck in your journey. As a person which started couple of PMO’s, I would suggest looking on the infomal component of communication across your company. I am not sure if is functional, matrix or project based, but it looks like either first or second one, since the PMO was just created.

If this is true, it will take some time to gain enough “Power” in order to be considered and respected. That’s why creating allinaces with informal leaders in your organization will be essential.


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